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Free Delivery when you buy 10 or more Bare Root Roses

Please note that Bare Root Roses will be dispatched from November through to March. You can order your Bare Root Roses at any time of the year thus allowing you to get a popular or unusual rose that may sell out before November.

The delivery charge will be automatically deducted when you go through the checkout process.

Please note that Rose Collections are excluded from this free delivery offer.

Big Savings with our Rose Collections

You can save up to 45% off of the price of our bare root roses when you purchase our Rose Collections.

Wilkinson Sword Bypass pruner

Wilkinson Sword Bypass pruner

Wilkinson Sword Bypass Pruner provides a perfect cutting angle for comfortable left or right handed work. For accurate cutting of young green stems and precise pruning up to 20mm.


The Bypass style cutting head enables delicate pruning.
Suitable for cutting young green wood.
Bypass blades allow a precise cleaner cut.
Blades made from high carbon steel with non-stick coating.
Handles are made from polypropylene.
Ambidextrous and easy locking mechanism.
Replaceable blade.

Please note that this product can only be purchased when ordering roses or peonies and will be dispatched with your plants.

Price: 6.49

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