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Bare Root Roses

Bare Root Roses

All of our roses are grown in fields. Each rose is individually grafted onto a root stock and have 20 months care and growing time in the field before they are ready to be sold. We sell our roses either potted or bare rooted.

Bare rooted roses are roses that are lifted fresh from the fields. They are sold without soil around their roots in the winter months whilst the roses are dormant. They are then packed and sent straight out to the customer.

Planting bare root roses is the traditional way of planting roses and is often the professional horticulturist's preferred method of buying roses. Bare root roses can also be better value for money than potted roses, especially if you are planting a complete rose bed.

Bare root roses can be ordered all year round for delivery from November through to March. Our potted roses can be ordered and delivered throughout the year.