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How to plant a hedge

Soil Preparation

Avoid using fresh manure. Well-rotted manure or garden compost dug in before planting will help stimulate strong root growth. We do not recommend the use of mushroom compost.


Should the plants arrive at an inconvenient time, and you are unable to deal with them within one week, they should be temporarily heeled in singly. This should be in a sheltered part of the garden or, if this is not possible, they should be kept in a cool place (a shed or garage, but not indoors). Cover the roots with wet sacking, shredded paper, etc. to keep them moist.


Plant to a depth of the nursery soil markings. The roots should be spread out (except for pot grown plants) and a peat / Bone Meal mixture, or a specific planting compost, incorporated with the soil that is placed around the roots. You should firm the soil after planting.

Immediate Aftercare

Plants should be watered in where the soil is dry. If dry conditions persist during the Winter, further watering may be necessary. In a dry first Spring ensure that the soil does not dry out.