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Peony Red Charm

Peony Red Charm

A large flowering herbaceous peony. Large deep blood red blooms are produced prolifically throughout the summer. The cupped shaped blooms have large guard petals around a fluffy center of similarly colored petaloids. An earlier flowering variety which is useful to extend the flowering in one's garden. A real beauty to behold. Foliage is attractive and deep green in color. Strong upright sturdy growth. Grows to 90cm in height with a similar spread.

Our peonies are supplied potted throughout the year. The peonies are a 3-5 eye root which will give you a good size plant in the first year. They will flower from June onwards. However they are not guaranteed to flower within the first year of planting as they can require a little time to get settled.

If you are sending a peony to someone as a gift, click here to select your gift card and add your personal message for just £2.00.

Product Type:
Single Potted Plant ... 21.95
Three Potted Plants ... Save 26% ... 48.95

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