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Maid of Kent

Maid of Kent

BRED BY RUMWOOD NURSERIES. This rampant climbing rose bears large racemes of small double pink blooms, fading to white with age repeatedly throughout the summer until first frost. Long arching stems with glossy dark green healthy foliage. This rose is perfect for growing up trees and as a pillar. Hardy. Good disease resistance. Grows to 600cm in height.

Potted Roses - Supplied throughout the year, excluding standards. Each rose is supplied in a 4 litre pot. The roses are supplied in an individual box with a Colour tag (if available) or Description tag. Bare Rooted Roses - Items will be dispatched from November through to March, although we accept advance orders of Bare Root Roses at any time.

If you are sending a rose to someone as a gift, click here to select your gift card and add your personal message for just £2.00.

Product Type:
Climber - Potted ... 12.95
Climber - Bare Rooted ... 10.95
Weeping Standard - Bare Rooted ... 36.95

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