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Alder (Alnus Cordata / Glutinosa)

Alder (Alnus Cordata / Glutinosa)

A tough and easy to grow hedge. Fantastic windbreak for any exposed garden; Alders are frequently used by orchard growers given their effectiveness at slowing the wind down. Bold green leaves and nice catkins. This is a native hedging plant and grows well in our climate. All hedging is supplied bare rooted and is available between October and March.

Key features:

- Fast growing
- Native variety of hedging
- Grows in all conditions
- Wildlife friendly
- Excellent windbreak
- Space plants 60cm apart
- Height 175cm up to your chosen height
- Trim once a year at the end of summer
- One of the most commonly used hedging plants.

We specialise in the supply of hedging to the trade and to retail customers. We can provide a range of different sizes and varieties. So, whether your requirement is for five or five thousand plants, for your garden, business development, housing development or park, please contact us and we will provide a quote to meet your specific needs.

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