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Peony Coral 'n' Gold

Peony Coral 'n' Gold

An award winning variety of peony, producing an abundance of sweetly scented, semi-double blooms of glowing coral with a striking centre of golden yellow stamens. One of the first peonies to bloom, flowering from late spring onwards. Foliage is healthy and dark green in colour producing the perfect backdrop to the blooms. Grows to a height of 75cm with a spread of 75cm.

Our peonies are supplied potted throughout the year. The peonies are a 3-5 eye root which will give you a good size plant in the first year. They will flower from June onwards. However they are not guaranteed to flower within the first year of planting as they can require a little time to get settled.

If you are sending a peony to someone as a gift, click here to select your gift card and add your personal message for just £2.00.

Product Type:
Single Potted Plant ... 12.95
Three Potted Plants ... Save 23% ... 30.00

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