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Peony Monsieur Jules Elie

Peony Monsieur Jules Elie

A large flowering peony. Large, fragrant blooms, light lavender pink in colour are produce in abundance later in the season so a perfect peony to extend the flowering season. The blooms have large outer petals with a fluffy domed centre. Broad foliage in a bright shade of green provided the perfect back drop to the stunning blooms. Great for cutting. Grows to 80cm in height with a spread of 90cm.

Our peonies are supplied potted throughout the year. The peonies are a 3-5 eye root which will give you a good size plant in the first year. They will flower from June onwards. However they are not guaranteed to flower within the first year of planting as they can require a little time to get settled.

Time limited offer - 30% discount on all Potted Peony Plants. Your discount is applied when your peonies are added to the shopping cart.


Price: 8.95

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